Biography Tyler Archer aka TYSTIX is a producer from South Africa focused on Psygressive, minimal-tech trance and futuristic sound design. Since a young age he has been fascinated by experimental and psychedelic music, especially Progressive and Psytrance music he heard growing up in the local trance community, anything rhythmic and organic has always put a Read more about Tystix[…]

Echo Gatherings : Valley of Spirits

VALLEY OF SPIRITS: LEGEND OF THE SWARTBERG MOUNTAIN RANGE ⛰️ TOWERKOP PEAK ⛰️ The accounts of Gustav Nefdt’s historic ascent of Towerkop are steeped in small discrepancies & differing details.The full and 100% correct story may never be known. Gustav Nefdt is an interesting character. His climbing featcan be considered super human. He is a Read more about Echo Gatherings : Valley of Spirits[…]


Biography Full Powered Psytrance act, hailing from the beautiful Garden Route… A leader, friend and “beast” to dancefloors, Danimal is nothing short of quality. Another export from the Garden Route (South Africa), Daniel is one of the few regulars in Cape Town who has caught the eye of his crowd and owns their praise through Read more about Danimal[…]


Biography Abra is the Dark / Forest Prog /psygressive live act of Regardt van Zyl, he started his musical creation journey at the age of 16 when he started to play guitar, mainly influenced by rock/metal/blues and classical music.He started producing electronic music at the age of 26 and rapidly developed a melodic / story Read more about Abra[…]


Biography Benjamin Loggenberg aka Loophole is a 21 year old psychedelic trance producer and DJ from Cape Town, South Africa.He grew up listening to many different genres of music and has always been fascinated with the sound, structure, rhythm and emotion that music can express. Since Benjamin has been introduced to psytrance by a close Read more about Loophole[…]


Biography Tersius from Wilderness, South Africa. Tersius has been producing music since 2005. His main influences were his psychedelic experiences in England an South Africa, ranging from early parties in his home area the garden route South Africa, to the London squat scene, free and private parties in South Devon UK and northern Wales along Read more about Tersius[…]