August 9, 2016


Psy-Ventures Blog

Psy-Trance is what we love and that is why we started Psy-Ventures and this blog. Our goal here is to share our adventures and experiences with you , the novice/intermediate or veteran trancer.
Over the next few months will we will be covering different aspects in the trance scene as well as interviewing various people from the Cape Town and International Scene and getting to know everyone a little bit more.


Psy-ventures is about conscious aware partying and looking out for one another , we like to call ourselves a family helping where ever we can to make it the best possible festival experience that you can have. We will be around to assist for most of the season just keep an eye on our Facebook page and website to see update for festivals that we will be providing trance-port and accommodation for.


Our season is beginning with Sprung 2016 on the 3 – 4 of September, next up will be Earthdance Cape Town 2016 on the 23 – 25 of September. Organik Gaian Dream on the 14 – 16 of October. Alien Safari 21 Years of Magic on the 2 – 4 of December, Vortex Open-source 8 – 12 December and Alien Safari Rezonance 2016/2017.

That is how our year will end and the new year will begin again with Origin 2017 and  Alien Safari Masqued Ball 2017 😀

We might be providing tents or transport for few events in between but just keep an eye on the page or website to see what services we will be offering.

Please have a read through some of our interviews and posts and look out for more coming in the future.

One Love <3