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Dan Scot / DeFuse aka Daniel Knoesen









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Dan Scot is a Psy-trance and Techno Dj from the heart of Cape Town! He has driven he’s passion for our beautiful outdoor electronic music scene at a very young age as he dwelled within the depths of Full on psy-trance and the newer Progressive Psy-trance sound we all know and love during he’s daytime sets…….
Dan Scot’s musical journey started about 10 years ago, blowing people people away with he’s techno alter ego which he blasted on turn tables and eventually (thank the universe) leaned
more towards he’s new found love For Psy-Trance.

Countless sets over the years influenced by his peers in the massive trance community has moulded he’s sound into a much more rolling punch ranging from deep prog through to mind altering Full on Beats.  It was this transformation in sound that has lead him to being signed to the infamous “The Collective” production that are responsible for some proper outdoor events such as, Paradise beach and “Imagine”. Dan Scot has played and opened up the floor for some Huge names such as Morten Granau, Tezla, 4i20, Mandragora and Berg Just to name a few……

Dan Scot has also appeared on line-ups for Trinity, Dragon Room, Fiction, Equinox Experience, Side Show, Pulse, Reboot, Spectrum, Vice City, Star Bar, Affinity and Butterfly Studios.
He has also performed at events such as Synergy Music Festival, Boomerang NYE, Sunflower Festival, One World NYE, Ground Zero festival, Rezonance NYE, Masqued Ball, Vortex and Earthdance!  So he is no stranger to the stage of many of our parties…..

With so much experience this is one man who nurtured he’s sound and everything that is the Dan Scot we all love to hear today!

Dan Scot is a phenomenal reader of the crowd and continues to deliver an international quality sound that not only is a force to be reckoned with but is a guaranteed crowd
pleaser every time.

Dan Scot we have enjoyed your expression of sound for some time now and we only wish you well as you continue to grow into our beloved outdoor music scene by pushing your sound Brother!

One Love and many blessings from the Psy-ventures Team 🙂




Q&A series


Q:What was the First Festival you attended?
A: First festival I ever attended was Synergy at the River Club where Vortex ran a small 2nd floor.

Q:Are you a night time or Daytime Joller?
A: If I’m playing it doesn’t really matter to me day or night I love both but secretly prefer the daytime haha. As for jolling definitely night time.

Q:Psychedelics-Ganja-Alcohol? choose one
A: That’s a tough choice. Would have to go with alcohol ?

Q:Any Local artist inspiring you at the moment and why?
A: Jeez there such a long list of good local boys pushing out some really great tracks and sets so this is a tough one. If I must pick one It would be Deliriant. I love his sound. It has balls and energy and has just the right flow to it. His production is also very much on point!

Q:Dream Festival to play Local and International ?
A: Local festivals I’ve pretty much played them all but have never played an Origin so that one Is definitely on my bucket list. Internationally there is so many awesome ones but would have to go with Modem!

Q:If you had one msg to the world what would it be brother?
A: Uhm good question. I believe in being true to yourself and doing what you love. If you passionate about something then follow it, don’t let anyone tell you different as it’s that what defines you as a person whether you a DJ, producer, promoter or supporter of the outdoor scene.

Q:Do you have any other Dj/Producer Alias’s you would like the world to know about?
A: Yes absolutely. I have a techno alias under the name DeFuse and a back to back alias with my good friend/Dj Brad aka Plastic Vision under the name TerraMoon.

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