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Tune Raider


Tune Raider aka Pamm Legg is a Psy-trance DJane Hailing from Kysna (Garden Route)

Her Journey as Tune Raider started about 13 years ago by breaking barriers in a male dominated scene she so boldly stepped up to contribute to the beautiful festivals of dance we enjoy today.        She started djaning in clubs and quickly moved herself up and into the outdoor music festival thanks to her night time psy-trance style which her huge stage presence complimented perfectly.

Her debut came with the 2004 Prism Festival in Cape Town and immediately her sound was craved by the local Psy-Trance scene,no doubt Tune Raider’s popularity has made her an Icon in the world of music which makes her easily recognisable on any stage or festival.In 2005 she was signed to Afro galactic Records and by 2014 she was signed to 4 different music labels and agencies.

Tune raider has rocked many festivals in many countries such as Brazil for Universo Paralello 2013, Astrological Festival in Portugal as well as Earthcore Festival in Australia.

With all that being said Tune raider is but one of many ways Pamm has contributed positively to the Psy-Trance scene she has also hosted a radio show on Mutha Fm exposing new talent and the hypnotising melodic sounds of psychedelic music with a weekly radio show called “Twisted Session”  In the year 2008 she directed and produced a documentary called “Under The African Sky” which told a story about the Goa-India psychedelic dance movement and how it spread and made its way to South Africa. (Please check out the documentary you will be so captured in awe when you see how far Psychedelic music has come to be celebrated in our lives today)

Pamm also most recently created a Blog thanks to the good folk at IDM-Mag called “Diary of a Djane” where she expresses herself, and the love of the music scene as she goes on crazy adventures promoting the scene  as well as the Psy-Trance Lifestyle……Keep an eye out for weekly posts.

Tune Raider’s  preferred signature sound consists of two very different and dynamic ranges of sound 1.being the night time full psychedelic style and 2.The daytime full on psychedelic style 🙂 she believes in the fact that a DJ should be versatile no matter the time of day/night she plays, she supports this principle fully by boasting a natural read on any crowd and never failing to splice together an explosive set by utilising her flawless art of beat matching and unique track selection all together with her massive stage presence 🙂

Lots of love and many Blessings Sister. We have witnessed and will continue to be amazed by your growth with every set we experience , thank you so much for your love and support may you continue to grow and inspire as you rock the socks of stages all across the world!

Q&A series

Q: What was the First Festival you attended?
A: Well that was a very long time ago, my first Cape Town party I went to was called ‘Liquid Fairies’ (not to sure who made the party) and then I went to my 1st Vortex straight after that which was in January 2000. I grew up in Knysna, and I remember at High School I would always hear about these parties in Cape Town, I wanted to go but I was also nervous because it sounded so big and intimidating and I was still a little baby back then, but little did I know … I was finally about to find my people.

Q:Are you a night time or Daytime Joller?
A:I was just talking about this topic this morning … that I cant seem to leave the dance floor now days, the night time sounds are beautifully psychedelic with rolling bass lines that keep me interested till the sun comes up and I been enjoying the sunrise sets again, I feel that the special ‘Sunrise Sets’ are coming back. Few years back, we used to time the ‘sunrise sets’, and take a nap or only leave the house at like 3 am, so to get there in time for the ‘Twilight’ as the sun comes up bringing that magic moment between night and day, the dance floors used to be raging up dust storms with electric energy, whereas lately it hasn’t, so I think the concept of the Sunrise sets are going to make a comeback soon. But I also loving the day time aswell, I been experiencing parties that play “Full On” most of the day, and gradually going into Progressive, so keeping the energy up and alive!!!
So to answer your question I’m a Night Time and a Day time joller – I love it all !!!

Q:Psychedelics-Ganja-Alcohol? choose one


Q:Any Local artist inspiring you at the moment and why?
A:I think SA has a lot of Talent and its too hard for me to pinpoint one , so Im going to have to say that everyone is working hard on their acts and music and I hope that the rest of the world is taking notice.

Q:Dream Festival to play Local and International ?

A:I Dream of representing my Country on the big stages, and showing the world how we do it in South Africa, cause we have a certain style and energy that is open and full heartily , we just need that chance to show it.
Q:If you had one msg to the world what would it be sister?
A:Its not all about you!!! We all live here, every living being, so we must just get on with it and make it work, we are all different or a reason, or life would be boring if we were all the same.Q:Do you have any other Dj/Producer Alias’s you would like the world to know about?
A:No just DJ Tune Raider

You can find her here

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