Artist Focus #6

Artist Review- Dj Drifter


Dj Drifter aka Brad Briscoe is a Psy-trance dj &  from Cape Town

“After discovering electronic music back in the 90’s I heard my first trance album in 2000 and was hooked. After 11 years in the Cape Town trance scene I decided we were not hearing the sounds we loved enough and the only way to go was to play it myself !!!”

If you’ve ever experienced a set by Dj-Drifter in the wee hours of the morning you would agree to he’s sentiments (nudge nudge*wink wink)

He’s passionate ear for music has taken him very far playing at many indoor and outdoor festivals in and around SA such as, Mozamboogy 2015, Organik Love Project 2016, Vortex to name a few…..Needless to say he continues to rip dance floors by capturing the audiences with he’s special track selections and takes us on a whole other journey of full on psychedelic sound, But wait there’s more not only does he rock the decks and dance floor but he has also been great contributor to the scene by creating a platform/production of parties called “Southern Tipsy” since 2012 dedicated to small secret gatherings that push the pure psychedelic sound with a darker edge.

Dj Drifters style of play is Full on Psychedelic with some sneaky progressive breaks here and there to keep the crowed going ……let’s not beat around the bush he’s a provider of eargasms and straight power to the night time

Dj Drifter thanks so much for sharing your passion with us ☺ We will continue to look forward to your night time psychedelic journeys much love and many blessings as you continue to grow and craft your own sound.


Q&A series

Q:What was the First Festival you attended?


A:I actually attended my first trance party on a farm outside East London. It was intimate and to this day one of the most psychedelic experiences of my life. Think boma with lots of colourful banners and intense microdots! I left there blown away by what I had heard and immediately got my hands on my first trance CD by Shiva Chandra. I still to this day think that man made some of the best trance I’ve ever heard.

I moved to CT a year later and my first CT festival was Vortex December 2000. I think I was probably the most hooked person on the planet after one CT event as I literally never missed another party for years to come haha.
Q:Are you a night time or Daytime Joller?


A:I’ve always preferred the day for sure. I’m a complete people watcher so it’s always been best to watch the crazy amazing shit people do and connect eye to eye on a dance floor. Strangely enough though my music taste has always been more on the night side of things. Most events I play in CT I’m 90% of the time on the night lineup, which I love too.

Q:Psychedelics-Ganja-Alcohol? choose one


A:18 – 21 years old me = Ganja and Psychedelics

21 – 26 year old me = Ganja and Alcohol

26 – 35 year old me got all grown up and decided I needed and enjoyed my brain, so now I stick with the booze when jolling!

Q:Any Local artist inspiring you at the moment and why?
A:Yes most definitely. We got such talent here through all genres and sub genres of psytrance but for my taste in music  guys like Killawatt and Highstyle have been writing great tunes for years. Their colab of Higherwattska is sounding blady good to. Then some guys that you need to keep an ear out for that are writing excellent shit are Trogon from the Garden Route and Jacksource from PE. There are also some amazing guys writing dark prog which I totally love like Psydewise , Jabu and Xenogressive. Go find some of this music and take a listen.

Q:Dream Festival to play Local and International



I have a few more to cross off my list. It would be most excellent to play at Origin, Alien Safari and a PsynOpticz event. With the way things have been rolling lately and the great response from the crowds I’ve played to at other big festivals, I’m hoping this will all materialise soon enough


Well I have just attended Modem Festival in Croatia this year and it’s by far the most incredible festival relating to my taste in music, so to play there amongst those major producers would be next level.

This all said though I will say I’m not punting this DJ thing too hard with aims of being a superstar. I’m just having a good time and really enjoying it, so if the bookings keep coming that will be great but else ill just keep on keeping on and enjoy the events from the dance floor as I always do.


Q:If you had one msg to the world what would it be brother?


A:We come from such a crazy country where so much drama keeps unfolding.  I would just tell people to chill and look at the big picture before reacting with such hate and intensity. No good comes from such outlook and its worrying for the future to see people here behaving the way they do.

Q:Do you have any other Dj/Producer Alias’s you would like the world to know about?


A:Nothing for now. DJ Drifter is going strong and having good fun so let the good time roll.

You can link with DJ Drifter here











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