Artist Focus #7

Artist Review: DJ MARK

Mark Cullinan aka Dj Mark is a well known Psy-trance producer and Dj in Cape Town which has been slaying beats for just over a decade.

Dj Mark has been exploring sounds since the infamous “Grassy Patch” parties in the year 2000, since then he has moved on to “Free range”

“Psychosis” and the very new ‘Bear Trap” parties. since then he has been conquering through all of Cape Towns premier outdoor productions playing along side many international artists, producers and record label owners….

Dj Mark’s power lies within he’s ability to read the crowd and adjust track selection accordingly. He’s versatile old school psychedelic journey sets are guaranteed to be filled with powerful basselines and massive drops which is more than enough for one to loose their shit to as they transition you into the more heavier “night time” tunes or visa versa as he recently found himself pleasing daytime crowds with he’s more aggressive ‘Progressive’ and full on ‘Psychedelic daytime’ tunes.

Dj mark has played at many parties just to name a few Vortex Opensource, Organic Gaian Dream, Alien Safari Sprung, Resonance NYE and much much more so if you are heading to Origin you definitely have to keep an ear out for him because I have a feeling he will be blowing us away!

Dj Mark blessings being sent to you as you journey through your sound and kill those vibrations brother

One Love

Q&A series

Q:What was the First Festival you attended?

A: Jeez im not sure, I think it was one of aubrey’s parties in Franschoek around 1998, but I would say the first big festival was the December vortex 1999, hook line and sinker!

Q: Are you a night time or Daytime Joller?

A: I am definitely a daytime joller, but do enjoy playing at night…. People seem to be more locked in at night (less of a chat room) and with the lighting etc it makes it a lot more spectacular with a lot more shit going on.

Q:Any Local artist inspiring you at the moment and why?

A: There are a lot of new guys on the scene doing well, I suppose they inspire me to keep ontop of my game, Its cool to see their enthusiasm and reminds me why I started this in the beginning.

Q:Dream Festival to play Local and International ?

A I’m lucky enough to have played pretty much every festival ive dreamed of playing in south Africa, as for international theres loads… big ones and small ones, one or two that definitely stand out would be boom and ozora, but the more I look at the international parties I get drawn to some of the “smaller” festivals like burning mountain and psyfi etc.

Q:If you had one msg to the world what would it be brother?

A: Think a little more out the box and stop being sheep…

Q:Do you have any other Dj/Producer Alias’s you would like the world to know about?

A: its funny you should ask, I haven’t thought of an alias yet but I have just recently been exploring the world of techno. Wont be anytime soon but who knows one day maybe I will drop a techno set ?

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