Brontide is the Producer/Dj act of Richard Horn. He enjoys long walks on the beach and playing night night time psy.

The Story:

In the year of 2009 I stepped foot into Highschool and had a wide range of different music genres that I enjoyed listening to. It was at that time that dubstep and drum n bass was extremely popular and so was the “EMO” era. So I listened to metal, dubstep, drum n bass and all other type of music but I will never forget the day that I got asked to listen to a trance track. My friend that was a year older than me said listen to this and put his headphones on my head and immediately I was addicted to the amazing bassline, out of this world sounds and structures. I was hooked from the first sound.

I then started downloading as many tracks as I could and studying every song that came out and everything about the scene. From Frozen Ghost to Mystical Complex I made sure that I had everything from Local to International.

Over the years I began to start mixing music and then eventually started to make my own music. I started playing at places that a person could call rock bottom and slowly but surely worked my way up. I then stared to see progress in my hard work in the year 2016-2017 with playing at more indoors in 2016 and then releasing underneath Nexus Media in 2017. I then got the biggest news of my Career to play at Alien Safari Wild Spirits 2018. Playing at Wild Spirts changed my carer as a artist and definitely made me work harder and achieve bigger things.

Since then I have gotten the opportunity to release underneath Mechanik records and play for parties such as Mozamboogy and Easter Vortex (Small stage).

So that Is my story


Thank you Psy-Ventures for this opportunity

Here are my links to my Pages



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