Culture Shock


Culture Shock, also known for his work with Distorted Thought hosting events (UltraNoize), and playing back to back as Distorted Culture, is well known for bringing a full powered psychedelic vibe to the dance floor when venturing solo, encompassing an essence of dark while always keeping it funky, fresh, and with high energy of nature!

Not wanting to label his style to any which Psy Trance genre, other than simply psychedelic, he maintains a high sense and flow, and stays true to his original roots. Culture Shock brings about a more organic and tangible experience, and likes to create a spontaneous and unpredictable journey. Having played alongside artists such as Dirty Saffi, Dust, Orca, Infected Mushroom, and Bombax to name but a few, Culture shock has a fine tuned knowledge of how to read a crowd, and how to give each set its own unique psychoactive flavor.
His generally preferred labels are the likes of Wild Thing rec, Bomshanka Music,Purple Hexagon, Sangoma rec, Loony Moon rec etc, and one thing is for sure, every set is carefully selected to bring like minded people together to move in psychedelic harmony

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