His journey in the trance scene began Feb 2003. Progressing from the dance floor to DJ’ing in Dec 2004 and producing psytrance music from Aug 2007. His first gig was in Mozambique, and since then he has played internationally, as well as in Jhb and Cape Town. At indoor and outdoor events. He has also been producing Psytrance as ‘Synthetic Alkaloid’. 

As a result of his chance encounter with trance he found purpose and direction in his life and through his DJ’ing and live music he endeavours to touch as many lives as he can to help others on their journey through trance. As with any journey there is a short and a long version. 

Short Version: 
Introduced to Psy trance by Moog of Mushroom Mafia in Feb 2003. Played his first gig on Macanetta Island in Mozambique Dec 2003. Progressed from playing morning and late afternoon trance to full on night time Psytrance. Trip’s night time psytrance sets have taken dance floors by storm internationally and locally He takes his dance floor on a journey and the enthusiasm, energy and passion that he puts into his sets are contagious. His sets get young, old school, male and female trancers onto the dance floor. He supports both international and South African artists and always searches for fresh new material when playing a gig.

He has played for most of the production companies in Jhb e.g. Black Feet, Red Eye, Spring Chicken E Radio, TechnoTribe, 4Tune Records, G.A.S.S. Earthdance, Dragonfly, Fu Cha, Psychedelic Mansions, Orbit, Noisy Radicals, Project Pulsate, Thorn Fest and even formed his own production company, “Psychotic Productions’. 

Also played at various clubs e.g. Horror Café, Submission, DJ Club, CCHQ, Tempos, Safari Inn, Rock Bar, Truth, Le Mix Room and The Bridge Diner.

After meeting with Dave Love, Frozen Ghost and Hiyarant of Disasterpiece Records in Jul 2008 Trip spread his wings and flew to CT Aug 2008 to do a crash course in Cubase with Barry and Stuart. Also got to do a few gigs in Cape Town through Dave Love. 

He broke new ground by getting on the line up for Vortex CT. He has played for production companies Vortex, Psynopticz (Bang Bang Club and Butterfly Studios), Electric Gnome and at the clubs Gonzos, Evolution, Embargos and Roots. 

Trip has been on line ups with the likes of Moog, StarSpine, Regan, Shift, Hydraglyph, Artifakt , Digital Dream, Cooks, Zirken, Wobblz, Bruce, Dean Fuel, Frozen Ghost, Hiyarant, Dirty Motion, Zion Linguist, Deliriant, SignLanguage, Fright Rate, Terror Mental, Phyx, Brethren, Switchcache, Plusminus, Tune Raider, Humerous, EMP. Gonzo, Sonic, Broken Toy, Headroom, Zezia, CMYK, Manifesto, Boogey Monster, Ironstein, Cold Turkey, Rabdom L, Insaneacyde, , Parallax, Psysymetrix, Bazooka Boy, Illuminati, Gwen C to name but a few!! 

He has been a guest DJ on radio and E radio both locally and internationally.

Trip has an insatiable love of trance, give him a sound system and some decks and he will go out there and give it horns.

2017 has been a great year in every way. In his new sound studio he is cooking beats as Synthetic Alkaloid. Travelling to Finland for international gigs and collaborating with other producers from overseas. The year is not over yet and there is more to come. 

He embraces whats left of 2017 and looks forward to seeing all of those who have supported him over the years on the dance floor stomping and smiling whilst on a psytrance journey of note.

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