Benjamin Loggenberg aka Loophole is a 21 year old psychedelic trance producer and DJ from Cape Town, South Africa.
He grew up listening to many different genres of music and has always been fascinated with the sound, structure, rhythm and emotion that music can express.

Since Benjamin has been introduced to psytrance by a close friend, nighttime full-on (the style which he now produces and DJ’s) has always been the most captivating and intriguing style of psytrance for him.
Out of curiosity, Benjamin came in contact with Kieron Grieve aka Rubix Qube in January 2016 to learn the basics of psytrance and music production. A few months later Benjamin had enough tracks produced under his alias Loophole and started to play around Cape Town, quickly making his way upwards in scene.
Loophole’s style consists of driving basslines with deep euphoric leads, groovy percussion and passionate melodies ; all with his together with his own twilight flavor.

It has been three years since and Benjamin has made incredible waves in the scene playing big outdoor festivals like Vortex: Phoenix Festival, Alien Safari: Sprung, Alien Safari: Wild Spirit, Organik: Gaian Dream, TRANSylvania, Mozamboogy 2017 and Mozamboogy 2018.
Loophole has also been signed to the international record label, Mechanik Records, where he has successfully released 3 EP’s available worldwide.

Benjamin is also a born-again Christian, giving all glory to God for everything he does and knows that it’s only by grace. Benjamin loves to infuse Christian vocals and messages into his music to use his platform that he has been given to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2019 is looking like the biggest year yet for Loophole with big upcoming releases, festival bookings, ministry missions outreaches as well as a soon-to-be-announced duo act with his partner in crime, Luan Boes (aka ReFractor).


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