Why we love Cape Town Psy-Trance


Having been in the Rave / Psy-trance scene for almost 10 years, I have had the privilege of attending many festivals/events. I have also attended parties in Goa, Bali and Mozambique all in the name of Psytrance, with many more on my bucket list. Boom, Ozora, Tree of Life and Doof Festival just to name a few.

Enough about festivals in other countries, its Cape Town Psytrance Festivals we are here to talk about. I’m comparing my experience in Goa, Bali and Mozambique to our own Cape Town Psy-Trance Scene. I just feel like the Cape Town Psytrance scene has a special energy around it, I don’t know exactly what it is. Is it the party goers? Is it the organizers? Is it the venues? is it the DJ’s? Is it just the amazing energy that surrounds Cape Town? I’m really not sure, perhaps all of the above.


To stand back and watch a packed dance floor moving and shuffling along to some of the local and international Psy-trance Dj’s is something else.¬† The amount of energy and power that is emitted is intense! The crowd moving together as one, all in the name of psychedelic music. There are people dancing, hugging, sharing, talking, laughing, having the time of their lives and they are just too beautiful.

Cape Town’s Psychedelic community is a close knit community and that way we look after each other, some people have been attending events for over 20 years. Some of our most amazing festivals are Origin, Vortex Open Source, Alien Safari Masqued Ball, Alien Safari Sprung, Organik Gaian Dream to mention a few, some of these are even child and pet friendly so you can have a little family getaway.


Lets talk about the decor, almost every event I have been to in the last 7 years the decor has always been amazing, but lately in the last 2 or 3 years the decor and overall production quality has been unreal! All praise and thanks goes out to Vortex Trance Adventures , Into the Vortex, Earthdance, Origin, Alien Safari and Organik. Praise and Thanks also needs to go out to Spectrum, Ultranoize, Valley of Psy for all their indoor / outdoor and warehouse parties they are throwing and keeping the psychedelic sounds alive outside of the festival environment. One love guys thank you!

So with most parties / festivals filling up every weekend in summer and even in the winter months, you are looking at spending a weekend with another 2000 to 10000 people camping and soaking up the sun, nature as well as the sick beats. So there we go, these are the reasons why we love¬† the Psy-Trance / Psychedelic scene in Cape Town. There’s a lot more I could mention but I don’t want to bore you. Please don’t forget to give the videos a WATCH!!!

Have a look at this article from Mushroom Magazine talking about the Cape Town Psy-Trance Scene

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