Party Review #1 – Into The Wild | Raised by Wolves ft. Ranji

Awoooooooo fellow wolves!

Today we’ll be talking about my into the wild experience and the psychedelic magic that entails.

Organized by the multi-talented Troy Evason (Geometric Flux), Maximilian Kibble (Maximilian) and some of The Red Telephone posse, this was a party I was particularly excited about. Being my first Into The Wild and hearing all the positive stories about this jol made the 45 minute drive out beyond exciting.




The Venue: The beautiful Slaley Guest House is located in the outskirts of Stellenbosch. It is inviting, convenient and feels like home. The main highlight of this venue is the pool. With the excessive heat on this day, I found myself in and out of the pool between losing my marbles on the dance floor. Another huge plus was the lush grass (I am an absolute sucker for soft stomping). The pool, the parking, the bathrooms and the bar were also SUPER close to the dance floor meaning you didn’t have to stray to far away from the music.


The Vibe: A mix of all Cape Towns finest. The techno jollers and the trancy stompers made up this crowd and mingled together with great ease. People were there and there for a damn fine reason, a real good time. A party is only as good as the people that make it up and this was a party for the books. My regular liase with the bar staff (I had one or two shandys, don’t judge) revealed what I had already expected. Love, light and PLUR all round.

The Décor and Lighting: The stage was awesome! Stylish and simple, with a little bit of greenery to stick to the wild theme. I was curious as to why the décor was white but it all made sense in the night time when the visuals came to life. The colors that came out were psychedelic deliciousness. The lazers were absolute visual candy with plenty of rainbows, shapes and 3D mapping to keep the crowds’ eyes fixated.



The Music: I arrived to the awesome sounds of some day time industrial techno. Enough to get you swinging and prepare you for the doof doof to come. David Ireton playing back-to-back with Ivan Turanjanin of course gave us a KILLER set (I’d expect nothing less from them). Fun, heavy and so true to the techno that Cape Town enjoys!




Hugo and Woozle brought in the the glitchier, more upbeat stuff which flowed epically into the prog and got the crowd stomping and swaying. They put the crowd on the same frequency and got us having it into the afternoon. Huge ups to them for their clean transition from techno into trance.

Sad Paradise (Broken Toy’s progressive alias) came up next playing some of the all time bangers. Consistent, fun and somehow cheeky. I genuinely have not heard a sad paradise set where I haven’t stomped hard and this was no different. It got everyone jumping off the same frequency

Also because we knew what was coming next…



Ranji, pure progressive power. I was simply glued to the dance floor. I couldn’t even imagine leaving the HUGE Bass lines, thunderous drops and catchy hooks the made up this epic one-and-a-half-hour set. I was too impressed to hear him play two of my trance anthems at the moment (Power of Acid and New Ways). His online sets hold no weight compared to seeing him live. Genuinely my favorite moment of 2017 so far.


Portal – ZA got a little more serious, bringing only chunky basslines to the dinner table, oh man and was it a feast. The crowd feeds off the bubbling energy Portal gives.

In Cape Town, closing party sets tend to be those that leave you satisfied, yet still wanting more. This Geometric Flux closing set was no different. He had only dynamic breaks and seemed to add a dash more psychedelica for good measure. One encore didn’t seem to be enough as the crowd chanted for more at the end of a wild night of dancing.



Although briefly, I did get an opportunity to visit the acoustic garden to hear some JPson playing. It was super cool to catch a bit of a jam sesh. Huge Kudos to JP for those fresh tunes and the fun. It was an awesome break from the mayhem and gave me a brief moment to unwind before the jolling ahead.



The next into the wild will be happening on the 11th February in a warehouse and will feature Basscannon (Brazil), Dave Mac, I-Tone, Danalog, Maximilian and Dodge. Click HERE to check out their event.



See you all at Origin!

One Love

Reviewed by Dale Rivett

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