Plastic Vision


Plastic Vision is Bradley Botha from Cape Town, South Africa. No stranger to getting dance floors moving, he has been involved in the Music Industry since 1994, starting out as all aspiring DJ’s do, playing at local house parties, and from there moving to his first club gig when he was still in school, and continued thereafter to bang both local and international dance floors with almost every EDM style out today.

He was also part of a Duo act that won the Millers Battle of the DJ’s in 2008.

Since then, he set his focus on Psychedelic Trance, adopting the name “Plastic Vision” for his more Psychedelic style, encompassing mammoth bass line groove’s and cheeky leads and mind bending twists to give the dance floor those much needed jump up & get down musical vibrations.
Plastic Vision has played along side local & international names such as Tron, Mekkanikka, Solar, Earthling, Renegade DJ, Tuneraider, Broken Toy, Headroom, Super Evil, Zezia, Archain, Distorted Culture, Bruce, Archive, Disco Volante, Deliriant, Rubix Cube and many
More … and this is just the beginning!

In a world full of colour, Plastic Vision paints the psychedelic picture…

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