Alex Marantidis was born in East London, South Africa and relocated to Cape Town at a later stage. He always had an immense passion for music and the form of self expression that is displayed through dance. After attending his first ever psychedelic gathering, he instantly fell in love with the incredible display of creativity, freedom and love that was shared at these gatherings, as well as the music that was being played and the way it made not only himself, but everyone around him feel.

Falling deeper and deeper in love with psychedelic music and the psychedelic scene, he chased his passion and started djing in 2016. After playing multiple sets at all the leading indoor events in Cape Town, he slowly started making a name for himself in the scene. In 2018 he got booked for his first ever Cape Town outdoor for one of the biggest events companies, Alien Safari.

He then started get booked for outdoor festivals in Johannesburg and began making a name for himself in a whole new city. He pursued his love for psytrance further and began producing and has some upcoming releases on his record label, as well as other local and international labels. In 2019 he aims to push out enticing psychedelic sets across South Africa as well as start regularly uploading his own tracks.

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