Psy-Ventures Interview #6

Oh So Peachy!!!

Our sixth interview is with one of our favourite food trucks! Rosie really does make the best wraps and most amazing smoothies and juices. Most morning at a festival we head down to Rosie for the breakfast wrap to start our day. We just wish we could get her breakfast wrap when we are not at a festival 🙂

Rosaline Van Der Merwe

Owner of Oh so Peachy!















1. What got you into Psy-Trance Festivals and how long have you been in the scene?

I did a festival in Noordhoek +- 8 years ago. A german guy was trading with Trance music cd’s close to me. I was doing mostly Smoothies and raw juices as well as Thai Curry. He loved my concept and said the parties could do with a stall like mine. He then gave me the contact information of a guy that did a private party under Sir Louwry’s pass. I think they called themselves Boom. I was the only foodstall there. That was a crazy intro, i did not expect so many people. From there i must have gotten flyers and applied for the Vortex party in Villiersdorp. It was all so magical to me. The clear river and white stones and people with sun umbrellas in the water. The stallholders was so friendly.

2. What was the first festival that you attended?

My first Festival was in Noordhoek

3. Have you been to any international festivals?

I have never been to an international festival but i would love to go.

4. Who are some of your favourite local artists and why?

Some of my favourite artists are Connecto, Dala Dala, Psy Mantis and a few more, but unfortunately i dont know all the names. Also some overseas progressive artists who was playing at last years’ Pnoenix festival of fire. They got me grooving early morning hours.

5. Please tell us your all time favourite moment at a Trance Party and why you keep on returning

My favourite moments must be the rapport i build with the trancers. Some put me into a science fiction movie …the matrics “The Oracle” funny. Or the statements “..You saved my life at such and such party. “I love the kids so much and tried to keep our interactions festive afterall they came to the parties to have some fun. Oh Só Peachy’s motto is for health and happiness. Life is a celebration and my intent was to give good vibrations through food or a smile. The promise of love and happiness and conscious beingness with mother nature is what makes me love the trance scene so much apart from the music..


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