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Wow where to begin…

It been almost 4 years now that Psy-Ventures has been in the Cape Town Trance scene and what it a journey it has been so far. There is so many people to thanks and praise for our growth from organiser to campers we have so much love for you guys <3. This journey has not been an easy one with lots of ups and downs and lots of learning. We are finally feeling like we are getting Psy-Ventures close to where we want it to be.

Now we need your input…

If you have camped with us or used any of our services before , please tell us how we can make it better for you. We want to make your experience with festivals as easy and stress free as possible, so any input is welcome.

Something fun is coming…

We are busy with construction of a new kind of accommodation that is hopefully going to make its first appearance at Vortex Phoenix Festival of Fire. So keep your eyes peeled 

We hope to be part of your experience for years to come <

One Love <3

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