Tersius from Wilderness, South Africa. Tersius has been producing music since 2005.
His main influences were his psychedelic experiences in England an South Africa, ranging from early parties in his home area the garden route South Africa, to the London squat scene, free and private parties in South Devon UK and northern Wales along with various medicine ceremonies.

Early releases by Parvati Records with artists such as Hokus Pokus and album “tits on fire” by Grapes of Wrath and Metaloids were a major influence. His first release was in 2011 with his well known track “thundrafi” released on Moon Koradji Records VA Legendarium. In late 2011 he returned back to South Africa after seven years in UK.

In 2014 Tersius had his first international gigs with a Euro tour playing at festivals such as Modem, Freqs of Nature and Lost Theory. By this time a network of friends an music lovers had developed in South Africa forming a new Label called Ourminds Records, and a new and revived underground scene began to emerge in South Africa.

Today Tersius is focusing on Both his projects full time.


Ourminds Records Pralayah Records
The Cure
Vantara Vichitra
Moon Koradji Records


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