Why we Artist Focus….

Get to know our local legends!


As we grow and explore the music scene we all know and love to wander in, today our promise is that we share and do this together……and what better way of sharing these beautiful sounds with the world than to expose and pay homage the artists and producers who drive these festivals with their musical knowledge and power 🙂

Our aim is to gather as much information and perspective from these talented individuals & get right in their heads so we can share the knowledge and power with you all 🙂 by doing this we hope you can learn something new about your favourite dj/producer and at the same time relay our respects and appreciation to them for all their hard work as we push them to keep on doing what they love.



Did you know that Cape Town South Africa is one of the highest rated countries/Cities and a huge contributor to Psychedelic Festivals in the world? Well now you know, with that being said we are receiving a lot of international visitors to our website www.psy-ventures.co.za and facebook page. Eventually we would love to gather enough love and sounds to display a full DJ/producer profile. For our friends over sea’s to browse through and discover our sweet sexy S.A bass lines as they plan their trip to South Africa…… We hope you all have enjoyed our Artist Focuses and Festival Reviews and we hope we can continue to grow together as we share our love and passions on and off the dance floor.


Giving thanks to all involved

Thank you to every DJ/Producer who took the time out to talk to us and share their love for the music we love and appreciate you all

Thanks for all you do for our beloved Psy-trance scene.

We wish each and every one of you pushing your sounds out there a magical journey as you continue to grow as you find your true sound and express them with us


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